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Translucent and Transparent Films

Perfect for windows and lightboxes, designed to block the view but not the light.


Translucent and Transparent Films

ImagePerfect 5700T

ImagePerfect™ 5700T high performance translucent film is a superior quality range with a permanent, solvent-based adhesive that is ideal for illuminated advertising systems and most backlight applications.

Its superior quality allows for easy processing and its protective polyethylene-coated liner means its cutting and weeding properties are unsurpassed.

  • Up to 8 year durability
  • UV stability
  • B1 fire rating
  • Can be wet applied
  • 90 colours

ImagePerfect IP7600 (Colour Gloss, Matt, Metallic Matt available)

ImagePerfect™ 7600 transparent films enliven interior glazing by adding a touch of gloss colour. They create a coloured hue without diminishing the transparent properties of the glass, with the touch of colour providing a contemporary look that rejuvenates windows and partition screens.

Commonly used in meeting rooms, conference facilities and lobbies, as well as in retail environments and lifestyle business locations such as hotels, theatres and restaurants, ImagePerfect™ 7600 is a high-quality PET film with high optical qualities and a hard, scratch-resistant surface for durability and ease of maintenance during window cleaning.

  • Up to 4 year durability
  • UV stability
  • M1 fire rating
  • Must be wet applied
  • 15 colours available

Oracal® 8300

Oracal 8300 is a special transparent coloured PVC film with UV-stabilisers and an impressive glossy surface finish. Designed for decorative markings of glass and glasslike surfaces, for applications indoors as well as outdoors, it meets the requirements of the computerised sign-marking industry.

  • Up to 5 year durability
  • 80 micron
  • Can be dry or wet applied
  • 32 colours available


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