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Reflective and Fluorescent Films

For signs that need to stand out, day or night.

Reflective and Fluorescent Films

Oralite® 5400

ORALITE® 5400 is a highly flexible retroreflective film, available in 6 colours.

This material is weather resistant and offers excellent corrosion and solvent resistance.  It is suitable for screen and inkjet printing with solvent based, UV and latex inks, and can be successfully processed on computerised cutting systems. 

ORALITE® 5400 has been developed for the manufacture of guidance and information signs, as well as for reflective advertising intended for medium term outdoor use, and for applications where just a minimum of retroreflectivity is required.

This commercial grade reflective film is a good solution for application onto uneven surfaces.

  • Up to 4 year durability
  •  135 micron

Oralite® VC-612 Flexibright™

ORALITE® VC 612 Flexibright™ is a tough weather resistant product designed for rugged outdoor use for livery applications on emergency services vehicles.

The material is die cuttable and plotter cuttable, and easy to apply onto smooth painted or unpainted vehicle surfaces.

The material does not need edge sealing, and is designed to be especially applicator user friendly and flexible, with potentially single piece removability and the possibility to template to far fewer pieces than other prismatic livery films.


  • Up to 7 year durability
  • Full colour range available
  • Meets HOSDB specifications

Oralite® VC104+

Oralite® VC104+ Tanker Stickers are the ideal safety marking tape for tankers. Rolls are kiss-cut every 16cm into round-corner lables. The material is available in a red, yellow or white colour for optimum visibility.

  • Up to 10 year durability
  • Approved to Regulation ECE 104 Class C

Oracal® 7510 Fluorescent

ORACAL® 7510 is a range of high performance, day-glow films which are particularly eye catching at dawn, dusk, twilight or at other times when visibility is poor.

Suitable for a range of short-term, outdoor applications, this film has been designed for warning signs, vehicle and bus advertising, name plates and graphics of all types that require special high-impact visibility.  

Due to its special release characteristics, this product is ideal for use in die-cut and computer-cut systems.


  • 130 micron
  • Available in 7 fluorescent colours
  • Up to 3 year durability

Oralite® 5200

 du durabilityORALITE® 5200 Economy Grade material is a retroreflective, weatherproof film with an excellent corrosion and solvent resistance.

This material is particularly suited for the manufacture of information signs as well as for reflective advertising intended for short-term outdoor use up to 3 years and requiring limited retro-reflection.

ORALITE® 5200 is receptive to both screen and digital printing with solvent, UV-cured or latex inks.

It’s smooth surface surface gives the material very good printability with both screen and inkjet printing.


  • 80 micron
  • 3 years durability

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